Our Values

Our Values

At SKM, our vision and mission provide the direction for our firm. Our values define the methods in which we perform our work, conduct ourselves with our clients and other stakeholders
Focusing on the client’s interests

SKM works with all levels within your organization to achieve the value you want. We will leave a lasting impact as a result of not only our work but also because of our focus on partnership. This collaboration leaves impact that extends beyond the contract and enables sustainable results.

Working with a Culture of Truth and Respect

At SKM, our relationship with you and your business is built on respect. We always will tell you the truth. We work to maintain the integrity of your business. As an independent consultant, we have the objectivity of a third party, and this is the reason you hired us.

Leading by example

We value the opportunity to partner with your organization and want to be the solution driver for you. This means getting people’s buy-in. As a leader by example in your organization, we conduct ourselves with integrity and promote understanding and forward-thinking. We will motivate and inspire others not only to do things right but also to do the right things.

Involving ourselves in our community

with charitable and not-for-profit organizations to advance causes that make a difference. As a corporate citizen, SKM has the ability to affect positive changes that will improve both the workplace and the communities we call home.