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Our Tax Services

Transfer Pricing

International trade, investments, information technology and outsourced manufacturing have weaved the economies of diverse countries together. Essentially, we are increasingly experiencing economic integration of global markets.

Tax Compliance

Managing tax and statutory compliance is no longer an option. Unlike before, currently regulators and administrators have heavily invested in the capacity of their officers and automated most if not all of their functions

Tax Dispute Resolution

The budgets for most countries across the globe have been bulging at an increasing rate. As such, more than ever before revenue authorities especially for those countries that rely on taxes quite significantly to finance their budget are under immense pressure to collect more revenue.

Tax Trainings

Tax and regulatory are very dynamic subjects. As such, Tax and the finance staff of all organisations need a refresh training at least once a year to bring them up to speed with changes in the tax and regulatory space that affect the organisation’s industry.

Tax Planning

In this challenging economic times, every shilling saved counts. Companies across the world are quite keen in cutting costs, increasing operational efficiency and thus increasing profitability.

Tax Regulatory Services

Besides ‘Tax ’ legislation, companies have other legislation and regulations that provide how some processes and procedures should be carried out. At SKM, with our proactive legal team, we can assist you with the following

Transaction Advisory

Some of the strategic goals for organisations include expanding their market base and/or diversification of their products. Expansion can be through setting up a new entity in new market areas, acquisition of an already exciting entity, a merger or a buy in.

Indirect Taxes

Indirect taxes (VAT, excise and customs duty) are the most involving and as such complying with these obligations can be quite mind boggling and if not well handled can easily result to huge tax liabilities./p>