Tax Compliance Services

Tax Compliance Services

Managing tax and statutory compliance is no longer an option. Unlike before, currently, regulators and administrators have heavily invested in the capacity of their officers and automated most if not all of their functions. Increased international trade, legislation of new tax laws, annual amendments to the existing tax laws, new accounting standards, and annual amendments to the accounting standards and increased demands from regulators/tax authorities are all redefining the scope of tax and finance functions.

This is in addition to the increased reporting and disclosure requirements by revenue authorities and regulators. This coupled with the economic meltdown has complicated the regulatory environment. As such, companies are looking for more innovative, cost-effective, consistent and sustainable means of managing and meeting their compliance obligations.

The SKM tax compliance management team has vast experience in assisting clients to manage and meet their obligations in an innovative, cost-effective, consistent and sustainable way.

Our services include:

  • Tax compliance and related tax planning;
  • Tax provision preparation;
  • Statutory accounting, bookkeeping and payroll compliance; and
  • Compliance process.