Tax Planning

Tax Planning

In this challenging economic times, every shilling saved counts. Companies across the world are quite keen on cutting costs, increasing operational efficiency and thus increasing profitability.

Among the expenses that companies have to pay tax. Failure by companies to pay their fair share of tax results to tax assessments, penalties, and interest.

Similarly, when the tax obligations for a company are not well managed, a company might end up paying more tax than they ought to. As such, companies need to strike a balance, that is, pay the correct amount for taxes.

Tax planning enables organisations to operate in a tax optimal manner and as such pay the correct tax.

In evaluating whether your organisation has planned its tax affairs, the following questions are pertinent:

  • Are you paying more tax than you ought to?
  • Is your organisation operating in a tax optimal manner?
  • What is your effective tax rate?

Our tax teams have a diverse experience and have helped our clients integrate tax planning into their business operations. Our clients have realized significant tax savings, improved cash flow positions, increased working capital and reduced tax non-compliance risk.

Now, more than ever, tax needs to be an integral part of strategic business decisions.