Our Approach & methodology

How we work

At SKM, our commitment is to deliver excellence across tax consulting, audit and assurance consulting, advisory, and technology. We invite you to explore the possibilities of a transformative partnership with us, where your aspirations become our shared goals for success.


At SKM, our working methodology is founded on a commitment to excellence, innovation, and client-centric solutions. We seamlessly integrate our expertise across tax consulting, audit and assurance consulting, advisory, and technology to empower our clients with comprehensive and forward-thinking strategies.

Our Approach

At SKM, our work/project execution approach is a reflection of our commitment to precision, innovation, and client satisfaction. Our comprehensive methodology spans project planning, information gathering, analysis, execution, quality assurance, and post-project maintenance/continuity planning.

Project Planning

Our project planning begins with a collaborative approach. We engage stakeholders to understand project objectives, scope, and expectations thoroughly. Our team utilizes proven project management methodologies to develop a detailed plan that includes timelines, milestones, resource allocation, and risk management strategies.

Information gathering

Thorough information gathering is foundational to our success. We employ a combination of client interviews, data analysis, and industry research to collect relevant information. Our goal is to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the project's context, challenges, and opportunities.


Our analysis phase is marked by meticulous scrutiny. We leverage advanced tools and methodologies to process data, identify patterns, and extract meaningful insights. This phase serves as the basis for informed decision-making and solution design.


Execution is where strategy meets action. SKM employs a collaborative and agile approach to project execution. Our teams work cohesively to implement solutions, addressing challenges in real-time. Regular communication ensures alignment with project goals.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is ingrained in every step of our process. Rigorous testing, peer reviews, and adherence to industry standards are integral to our approach. Our commitment to quality ensures the delivery of robust and reliable solutions.

Maintenance/Continuity Planning

Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We initiate post-project maintenance and continuity planning to ensure the sustained success of implemented solutions. Regular evaluations, updates, and client training contribute to long-term success.

Our Aspirations

At SKM, we envision a future where confidence fuels success, innovation transforms challenges into opportunities, and partnerships drive enduring growth. As a regional( Eastern & Central Africa) consulting firm specializing in tax consulting, audit and assurance consulting, advisory, and technology, our aspirations resonate with the dynamic landscape of the business world. We carry the vision to being the beacon of excellence, guiding businesses towards sustainable success and empowering them to navigate complexities, achieving their aspirations and building resilience

Dive into our Future


We aspire to be your trusted partner in achieving tax efficiency. Our goal is not only to minimize liabilities but to unlock strategic advantages within the ever-evolving tax landscape. Through personalized strategies, we aim to contribute to your financial success while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and compliance.


We aspire to be architects of your success story. Our advisory services aim to propel your business forward by providing innovative, sustainable, and agile solutions. Through a dynamic partnership, we seek to empower you to not only navigate challenges but to seize opportunities and achieve long-term growth.

Audit & Assurance

Our aspiration is to go beyond mere compliance. We strive to elevate the audit and assurance process into a value-added service, offering insights that drive informed decision-making. As trusted guardians of financial integrity, we aim to enhance your reputation and foster stakeholder trust.