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SKM brings onboard world class technology and automation capabilities, unparalleled expertise and boundless opportunities for growth through digital transformation. We help our clients rewire their organization to out-compete their peers


Skm technology transformation brings together a community of technologists, deep domain experts and a transformative strategy focused on the big picture with cutting edge technology tools and delivery capabilities to create positive impact and value at every step of your technology evolution

At SKM, we recognize that the future of business lies in the seamless integration of advanced technologies to drive efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. Our Business Automation and Technology Enablement services are designed to revolutionize your operations, placing you at the forefront of digital transformation.

How we help clients

Automated Reconciliation

Automated Reconciliation is the cornerstone of financial accuracy. SKM employs cutting-edge automation tools to streamline reconciliation processes, reducing manual errors, and accelerating the financial close cycle. Our solutions ensure real-time visibility and compliance, empowering your finance team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Key Features

  • Error reduction through Automated Data Matching.
  • Real-time Reconciliation.
  • Compliance & Audit Trai...

IFRS Automation

Adopting IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) can be intricate, but with SKM's IFR Automation, complexity becomes an opportunity for accuracy and compliance. Our automated solutions ensure adherence to IFRS standards, facilitating seamless reporting and minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

Key Features

  • Automated IFRS Reporting.
  • Precise Financial Reporting & Compliance Monitoring.
  • Real-Time Updates to Reflect Regulatory Changes.

Group Accounting

Group Accounting demands a comprehensive approach. SKM's Group Accounting Automation services bring harmony to consolidation processes. Our solutions simplify multi-entity reporting, reduce manual effort, and enhance visibility into group financial performance, enabling informed decision-making.

Key Features

  • Streamlined Multi-Entity Reportin.
  • Reduction of Manual Effort in Consolidation.
  • Enhanced Visibility into Group Performance.
  • Customizab...

HR & People Automation

In the realm of Human Resource Automation, SKM transforms traditional HR processes into efficient, data-driven systems. Our automation solutions cover the entire HR lifecycle, from recruitment to performance management, fostering a dynamic and engaged workforce.

Key Features

  • Streamlined automated Recruitment Processes and On-boarding.
  • Automated Performance Management.
  • Employee Engagement & Development Solutions.
  • Enhanced Employee Experi...

Embrace the future with SKM's Business Automation and Technology Enablement services. Let us elevate your business processes, empower your teams, and drive sustained success through the power of automation. Experience efficiency redefined, only with SKM.


Our team comprises experts in business automation, ensuring tailored solutions aligned with your unique needs.


SKM leverages the latest technologies to stay ahead of industry trends, providing innovative and future-proof solutions.

Results-Driven Approach

Our focus is on delivering tangible results, be it enhanced efficiency, compliance assurance, or strategic empowerment.

Success often comes down to leadership commitment, focusing on culture,
and of course, executional excellence.

Featured Insight

IFRS 16 Amendment- Sale & Leaseback Transaction.

International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) issued amendments concerning requirements for sale and leaseback transactions in IFRS 16. It explains how a seller-lessee accounts for a sale and leaseback after the date of the transaction.

Withholding Income Tax Regime in Kenya

Withholding income tax is a tax deducted by a person making specific payments prior to paying the amount due and then remits the tax so deducted to the Kenya Revenue Authority within 5 working days after the deduction is made.

The Power of Transformation in Uncertain Times

While it may seem paradoxical, businesses should be exploring the potential of transformation to improve their performance and capacities during difficult economic times. We provide insight to the difficulties that African Businesses within the eastern and central Africa face in establishing operational resilience.

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