SKM Tax consulting services guides companies to proactively design and build processes to deliver tax requirements in an environment where tax policies are ever changing. We help our clients design tax functions through focus on people, process, technology and governance while addressing risk, reputation and compliance


With changes across the world, Geographical disruptions, technological advancements, globalization, and protectionism, tax reforms, regulatory changes and adjustments. new Businesses and consumer demands and the emergence of previously unknown business models, the world of business has changed dramatically in the recent past.

Post COVID-19, these changes and the ensuing difficulties in the business and compliance environment have resulted to the tension and changes being felt with even greater intensity.

As tax leaders and professionals, we are at the forefront of helping our clients navigate these changes and challenges. We are helping them to understand the impact of these changes on their businesses and to develop and implement strategies to address them.

How we help clients

Tax Compliance Services

Managing tax and statutory compliance is no longer an option. Unlike before, currently regulators and administrators have heavily invested in the capacity of their officers and automated most if not all of their functions. Increased international trade, legislation of new tax laws, annual amendments to the existing tax laws, new accounting standards, and annual amendments to the accounting standards and increased demands from regulators/tax authorities are all redefining the scope of tax and ...

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Tax advisory services

SKM provides expert tax advisory services tailored to your unique needs. Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, we help you navigate complex tax regulations, optimize your tax strategies, and minimize your tax liabilities. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of tax laws, we are your trusted partner for comprehensive tax planning and compliance.
The scope of the tax advisory services will depend on the specific nature of each of your queries or ...

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Tax health check services

Our tax health check services provide a comprehensive review of your current tax situation, identifying potential areas of risk, opportunities for optimization, and compliance issues. This service is designed to give you peace of mind and actionable insights to improve your tax position.

Generally, our tax health check services shall entail

  1. Tax Compliance Review: We assess your previous tax filings to ensure they are accurate and co...
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Transfer pricing

International trade, investments, information technology and outsourced manufacturing have weaved the economies of diverse countries together. Essentially, we are increasingly experiencing economic integration of global markets.

Globalization has been credited with helping shift wealth to less-developed countries. However, globalization is also often blamed for the loss of wealth from developed countries through inflated transfer pricing. Most multinationals entities have been on the ...

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Indirect taxes

Indirect taxes (VAT, excise and customs duty) are the most involving and as such complying with these obligations can be quite mind boggling and if not well handled can easily result to huge tax liabilities.

While planning and seeking timely advice can increase compliance, poor planning and failure to seek proper advice can result into huge tax liabilities.

If well managed, effective indirect tax management can improve cash flow and working capital besides avoiding any penalti...

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Tax Dispute resolution.

The budgets for most countries across the globe have been bulging at an increasing rate.  As such, more than ever before revenue authorities especially for those countries that rely on taxes quite significantly to finance their budget are under immense pressure to collect more revenue. In a bid to collect more revenue and meet their targets, revenue authorities have increased taxpayer audit reviews and issuance of additional assessments to taxpayers whom they feel have underpaid taxes. Read More

Tax Planning

In these challenging economic times, every shilling saved counts. Companies across the world are quite keen in cutting costs, increasing operational efficiency and thus increasing profitability.

Among the expenses that companies have to pay are taxes. Failure by companies to pay their fair share of tax results to tax assessments, penalties and interest. 
Similarly, when the tax obligations for a company are not well managed, a company might end up paying more tax than they oug...

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Transaction Advisory - Tax

Some of the strategic goals for organisations include expanding their market base and/or diversification of their products.

Expansion can be through setting up a new entity in new market areas, acquisition of an already exciting entity, a merger or a buy in.

Whereas expansion through a merger, buy in or acquisition is an easy way of increasing the organisation’s market share, companies adopting this expansion model can also inherit huge undisclosed liabilities and/or gho...

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Regulatory Services

Besides ‘Tax’ legislation, companies have other legislation and regulations that provide how some processes and procedures should be carried out.

At SKM, with our proactive legal team, we can assist you with the following:

  • Advice on legal form, incorporation, registration, reorganisation and winding .
  • Secretarial services.
  • Regulatory compliance review.
  • Contract review and advice.

Tax Trainings

Tax and regulatory are very dynamic subjects. As such, Tax and the finance staff of all organisations need a refresh training at least once a year to bring them up to speed with changes in the tax and regulatory space that affect the organisation’s industry. This is one way organisations can increase compliance and cement tax planning.

SKM accredited tax trainers who are also certified tax trainers with Law Society of Kenya or/and the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of...

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IFRS 16 Amendment- Sale & Leaseback Transaction.

International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) issued amendments concerning requirements for sale and leaseback transactions in IFRS 16. It explains how a seller-lessee accounts for a sale and leaseback after the date of the transaction.

Withholding Income Tax Regime in Kenya

Withholding income tax is a tax deducted by a person making specific payments prior to paying the amount due and then remits the tax so deducted to the Kenya Revenue Authority within 5 working days after the deduction is made.

The Power of Transformation in Uncertain Times

While it may seem paradoxical, businesses should be exploring the potential of transformation to improve their performance and capacities during difficult economic times. We provide insight to the difficulties that African Businesses within the eastern and central Africa face in establishing operational resilience.

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