Taxation of Flowers and Horticultural Sector
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25 Sep - 27 Sep 2024

Training Charge

KES 45,000.00

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9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Training Venue

Lake Naivasha Resort, Naivasha

About the training

Farming is among the most ancient economic pursuits globally and serves as a primary income source for developing nations. The advancement of agriculture plays a crucial role in the economic progress observed over the years. In Kenya, horticultural farming is a prominent economic activity, yet tax revenue from this sector has steadily decreased over the past few years. Tax authorities worldwide consistently encounter similar challenges, with tax compliance representing a prevalent issue. Ensuring taxpayer adherence to tax regulations is a formidable task. 
Certainly, taxation continues to perplex flowers and horticultural organisations, demanding an ongoing effort to piece together its complexities. Each day brings forth a myriad of tax hurdles for numerous of these organizations. Amidst ongoing tax reforms aimed at modernizing tax laws and boosting revenue to support growing budgets, many organizations are left pondering the implications of the evolving tax environment for their operations
Hence, it's crucial to pay attention to recent advancements and strategize in advance to forecast and alleviate tax-related uncertainties. As the landscape gradually shifts, the flowers and horticultural sector must prioritize managing tax risks, staying abreast of the constantly evolving tax regulations. Consequently, this training aims to analyze the factors influencing tax compliance within Kenya's agricultural sector, especially flowers and horticultural sector, guided by specific objectives: assessing the impact of tax incentives, tax compliance costs, and tax enforcement efforts on overall tax compliance within the agricultural industry.
Some of the topical areas to be discussed during the seminar include:

  • The Tax Regime and Tax Compliance.
  • The Role of Tax incentives today.
  • Prominent Tax Issues in the Agriculture Sector
  • Risk Management in the Agriculture Sector

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Continuous professional development

Upon completion of the course, CPD points will also be awarded to all trainees, which can then be redeemed from the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).

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Please note that we are also registered with the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). Our registration number is NITA/IT/IBTA/F/11.

Participants who are registered levy contributors can apply to NITA for reimbursement of the fees. To qualify you should apply to NITA for approval prior to the date of the conference.

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